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Order website administration

Website administration - updating and adding of new information on a website is a necessary work for every website owner. Especially in cases when website serves as a tool to attract new customers or provide communication with current partners.

Considering high competition on the Internet, amount of new material and speed of updating old data, each website requires constant support from administrators. It obligatory that immediately after website development must go administration and promotion stage. Website administration means a set of works aimed to maintain modernity of the website and relevance of information on it. Conditionally it can be divided into technical and informational work. The first include solving programming problems, the second - publicism.


Website administration includes three standard services:

 Domain name and hosting prolongation.

In order for the website to work continuously it is necessary to ensure that domain name and hosting are paid on time. Website administrators will always look for payment terms, will remind about them in advance and help to arrange payments.

 Images preparation and placement

Person must follow certain rules and preliminary prepare own material before placing pictures and photos on the website. Any image should be with the highest possible quality and the smallest possible size. That's why each image needs to be compressed to 100-200 KB so pages of the website may be opened quickly even on mobile devices.

It is also important that all pictures need to be adaptive and correctly displayed with any screens. To manage this images are configured with parameters not in pixels but with percentages indicating their maximum width.

Also, need to write metadata for each image: alt and title - which allows search engines to understand what is on pictures. This data will be displayed on the website in case if pictures will be blocked by browser. Metadata also allows you to find images in Yandex and Google picture's section. This possibly attracts a new users to the website and which means company's sales increase.

The more unique images, the higher their rating and the website as a whole. Website administrators are responsible to ensure that the website has as many original, nowhere else-found images.

Watermarks may be applied on images if necessary. Company logo or website name on the photo will save You from theft and protect copyrights. In this case if Internet users will share such photo in social networks or other websites the watermarks will once again advertise the company.

Writing and posting new articles Writing and posting new articles

Writing articles is the most effective method of website promotion. However, for this to be true it is necessary to write articles correctly. There are many requirements and the most important of them are “requests” and “uniqueness”. Under requests are understood those keywords and phrases by which Your potential customers find Your goods and services. If You write articles correctly using these requests, the rating of the website will grow. As also, article's text should be easily understandable for your clients. It means that articles for construction company need to be written in a business style, emphasizing seriousness and responsibility. And texts for wedding photographer's website will be in a conversational and cheerful style - corresponding to the mood of bride and groom.

Placement or layout of articles provides correct display for search engines and attractive for users. For Google and Yandex when posting articles, need to write metadata, as in pictures (description and keyboards) and also monitor adaptability of material. All images, texts and tables should be placed on any screen so user can easily view information only by scrolling down - without increasing scale and shifting to the side of page. At the same time, all materials must be in acoordance with the style of the website, attractive for eyes and invoke to action: buy, order, read more news.



In addition to these standard works with the website, it possible to conduct an internal optimization of the website aimed at improving of search engines issuance. Along with promotional works, Internet business will become a full-fledged source of income and company representation.

You can order administration of the website for any period: from 1 day to annual maintenance. One-time support makes sense when development of the website and its support is handled by one team. In any other case, it is more rational to order annual maintenance: with an eye to successful support it is important to know about the website «from within».

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    during the year
  • 120 hours




When order a turnkey basis website from the DeLETS team - the first month of site support as a gift! This means that after all approvals and publication of Your website on the Internet we will monitor its work for a whole month. We will apply for indexing to Google and Yandex, we will make sure that everything went well and the pages appeared in search.

If You already have a website, You can order its update, filling and promotion.

When order website promotion - administration is free! Paid for promotion service for a month, You will get a full and round-the-clock care for Your website. Your website will not only work without interruptions but also will be updated, expanded, promoted! Your users will not only find You on the Internet but also will see the relevance of information on the website, they will believe You and make a purchase.



You can start Your business on the Internet right now! Here You can order from one team:

turnkey website development, order professional administration of Your website

and also order budget promotion of the website.


This means that You will get full conduct of Your business on the network

from zero to the maximum!

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